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Hello all!

Hey I put mine in a lj-cut it's just what I am use to. Sorry if that bothers anyone :)

1. Your Name: Carrie
2. Your Partner's Name: Bobby
3. Your Age: 19
4. Their Age: 21

5. How long have you two been together: It was 9 months on the 14th!
6. How did you two meet: We met when I moved into the dorms at Northern Michigan University. He was on welcoming committee and helped me move in a stuff. We didn't really talk or much of anything though until the second semester, then we just hit it off. It was really cute, and still is!
7. Do you see yourself marrying this person: Yes I do! We are engaged, and I know some of you might think, HOLY CRAP 9 months and engaged but it's something we are both ok with. We are planning on a long engagement at least 2 years. I will be out of school, and we want to be financially stable. We are being really smart about it so yeah that's all.
8. Tell us a romantic story: Haha, when he proposed to me was really freakin cute and romantic! It was the night before my birthday and I went over to his apartment for dinner. I got there and he was wearing blue jeans (this is big, because he hates them and I think he looks like a stud in them, so it was cute :]) and a cute shirt, and there was pasta and candles on the table with wine glasses! We drank Kool-aid (I am underage, and either way neither one of us drink) in the wine glasses it was freakin cute. Then on the counter were my gifts there were 3 of them. After we were done eating around 9:45pm (it was late but that's because I was busy all day) and he said I could open one present then, another at 11 and the last one at midnight. So I pick my first present and start opening it and he was on one knee (I didn't even think anything of it at the time) and it was the new Jason Mraz CD which I had wanted for ever! Then he was like well you can open your next present if you want to. I was like you said I had to wait until 11, then he was like no, you can open it. So I opened the next one and it was a pair of white gold hoop earings. Then after I had opened it he said I can open the last one. Mind you it's bearly even 10 by that time and I wasn't suppose to open it until 12. I asked like 5 times if he was sure he wanted me to open it. He said yes and so I did and when I took off the wrapping paper it was a little green velvet box. I looked at him and gave him, "are you serious look?" He just gave me a little guilty grin and as I opened the box, before I even saw what was inside he was like, "Will you Marry me?" I looked down and it was a beautiful white gold ring with a lot of sparkle! I don't know how else to word it. I looked up and just said of course! It was really freakin cute, and really romantic!
9. Tell us a funny story: Haha, this wasn't that long ago from when we went to his parent’s house. We were on the four wheeler going crazy through open fields and it was a lot of fun! When I got on I was trying to put this helmet on that was WAY too big for my head and I wasn’t paying attention. When I got off the four wheeler and looked at the back of my pants I realized that there was cow crap all over them. I was so grossed out. Bobby just started laughing like a little punk (which if you ever heard his laugh it's so freakin cute!!!!), and all he could do is make fun of me and laugh. I was so infuriated. When we got back into the house, I hobbled to his room and changed my pants. I went back to the living room where he was waiting to show me where the laundry room was and I began to chase him with my poo covered pants. I never got him, but just hearing his cute giggle was sooo worth it!
10. What is your song: We have 2, one is the original the other we have just recently "adopted" as one of "our songs". The first is "All my life" by KC and JOJO. He sang it to me when we first started dating and changed all the Love parts to like. It was good! The other is "Here by me" by 3 doors down. I LOVED that song and cryed when I actually listened to it, because it reminded me so much of Bobby.
11. How does your significant other make you feel: OH my, what a question. What doesn't he make me fell. Loved, Happy, Cared for, Together, Angry, sad, Infruiated, Delighted, Nervous, Worried... there are so many more but I think you have an idea. He makes me feel about every way there is to feel. Mostly just loved and Happy though. Those are the some of the ones that matter so YAY!

12. How did you find themoreiloveyou? I don't even remember now. It was one of 3 ways. I saw it on a sister community, through another member of a different community I am in, or browsing through promo sites. I don't even remember. Gosh!


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Sorry about the crappy quality of these 2.

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