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1. Your Name:  Ashley
2. Your Partner's Name: Eric
3. Your Age: 19
4. Their Age: 21

5. How long have you two been together: A year, a month and 16 days
6. How did you two meet: In the computer lab where he works, he noticed me instantly.
7. Do you see yourself marrying this person: YES!!!

8. Tell us a romantic story: Hum...our first kiss: May 5th 2005; at the community college I attend, there was a nice little cinco de mayo celebration going on in the front, with soft romantic music and a woman singing with a really pretty voice, so we sat together on a bench facing each other and holding hands (mind, this was before we were officially together but by this time had known each other for a couple months) so, we talked for awhile and then he said "Make a wish...." and I said "...I wish you would kiss me..." we slowly leaned closer and then kissed....and right in that moment I felt so much joy and happiness that I couldn't even describe it. I'd never had a kiss like this before...sure, I had been kissed, but this was the kiss of TRUE LOVE. I felt it and I was so amazed, and from that moment on I knew he was definitely the one.
9. Tell us a funny story: Ahh...once when we were having dinner at our favorite pacific rim restaurant, we were eating some white rice and he goes "Mmm, rice....the only vegetable I'll ever eat...." I kind of stared at him for a minute, making sure that he was serious with this statement and then I just say "Honey, rice isn't a vegetable...." and he gives me this really puzzled and suprised look and goes "....What?! No, you are kidding me....you cannot be serious." and I say "Um, yes, I am actually...it's not a vegetable. I can't believe you didn't know that!" And he says "If it's not a vegetable, what is it?!" and I say "It's a grain!" And he goes "I swear to god, this whole time up until now I always thought it was a vegetable, I would say that to people and no one ever corrected me." And I said "Well, that's probably because they just wanted to keep laughing at you." XD Okay, I know what you're thinking now....I must not have picked a very bright one, right? But honestly, he is very smart. He wants to become a lawyer in the future and is presently attending Arizona State University, taking marketing and management classes so eventually he can get into law school. He knows far more than I do and is constantly teaching me new things.

10. What is your song: Iio's "Rapture" is #1, but Nickelback's "Far Away" is close second.
11. How does your significant other make you feel: I'll do my best to describe this....he makes me feel beautiful, in every way. He makes me feel amazing, wonderful, safe, and loved. I've never had a serious, lasting relationship before I've been with him, and was beginning to loose hope for finding someone until I found him. I feel so blessed to have him for so many reasons, and I know he'll always love me and never leave or be unfaithful to me. He knows the very same about me. He is my soul mate; my match in every way possible.

12. How did you find </a></font></a>themoreiloveyou? I first clicked on "Deeply in Love" and saw that this was a sister community. ^.^<3

Well, there's my icon....and here's a few more:

 (My promise ring!! <3)

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