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1. Your Name: Christina
2. Your Partner's Name: Ian
3. Your Age: 20
4. Their Age: 24
5. How long have you two been together: 5 months
6. How did you two meet: through one of our friends. there is a place around here that people hang out, everyone calls it the 'parking lot', which of course, is what it is. well when i started hanging around, i started noticing that very cute boy driving the little red lowered civic, so finally i asked one of our mutual friends, he introduced us, and we hit it off from there.
7. Do you see yourself marrying this person: without a doubt, i know it hasn't been long for us. but we both know in our hearts that it will happen.
8. Tell us a romantic story: the first time he told me he loved me, he had it planned out. he knows how much that stuff means to me, so he picks me up, wouldn't tell me where we were going. he takes me to this park near where i live that was really beautiful. there was a lake with water fountains in it. and everything was lit up, and as i was looking out at everything. he put his arm around me and told me he loved me.
9. Tell us a funny story: we were walking down the stairs one day, and i'm very clumsy. well i was walking down behind him and i slipped and started sliding down them and slid into him and knocked him down with me. we both got up laughing so hard we could barely breathe
10. What is your song: that's been a tough one to decide, because there are so many songs that remind us both of each other
11. How does your significant other make you feel: he makes me feel wanted, and loved. he's always telling me how much he loves me and how beautiful i am. he makes me feel safe, everytime he holds me i feel like no-one in the world could hurt me as long as he's around. when he kisses me, i go weak. he makes me feel invincible, always incouraging everything i want to do.
12. How did you find themoreiloveyou? i was searching around for a couples community and this one caught my eye

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