Matthew Joseph Redente. (absenttuesday) wrote in themoreiloveyou,
Matthew Joseph Redente.

1. Your Name: Matt
2. Your Partner's Name: Ali
3. Your Age: 20
4. Their Age: 16

5. How long have you two been together: A little Over nine months

6. How did you two meet:
I was browsing people who listened to Fall of troy on myspace (lame me) and she just so happened to live in a neighboring town, so I decided to send her a message laying out in full detail that I wasn't creep, but this was almost two years ago, so it probably seemed as so. But she was incredibly cool about the fact that I was older than her by 4 years. But after a few months of talking to each other via myspace and LJ we decided to meet up. She was playing for a football game with her school band and came off the bleachers at half time, we spoke very briefly and she was being pulled away by her friends.... it was almost discouraging. But I left humbly and proceeded to speak with her via AIM, and eventually I moved into the same town, and on my first day there, I asked her to hang out, we went to Ihop and took pictures, and that is how our friendship began.... but I already knew I was in love with her.

7. Do you see yourself marrying this person:
Eventually, someday

8. Tell us a romantic story:
It was her birthday and coincidently the beginning of our relationship. We were at this really odd beach in an old decrepit beach house thing, but it was still nice believe it or not. But I had painted her a little picture, and wrote a little story to go along with it, I was very nervous about giving it to her, but I mustered up the courage and gave it to her. The painting was of a seed buried deep in the ground. The seed was our relationship and in order to grow it needed involvement from both parties (Earth and Sun/sky) equally. I thought it was lame, but she thought it was incredibly thoughtful and wonderful, and now it is hanging in her room.

9. Tell us a funny story:
Before we were dating, I had her over to watch a couple of movies, but we eventaully started talking through them, and the night before I hadn't slept, I maybe got 2 hours, but I still wanted to hang out with her. So right in the middle of my sentence I just dozed off, I was incredibly nervous that it would make me look like an asshole, but she laughed her ass off and ever since  has made fun of me for it.

10. What is your song:
There are several I don't think we have a definite "song", but here are a couple I think that do a good job Fall of troy- Oh! The Casino, Relient K- The Best Thing, and Eisley- Combinations, but there must be several others

11. How does your significant other make you feel:
Amazing, eternal, like nothing could ever harm me, its the most amazing feeling I could ever feel and never describe it to the fullest extent, I could never give any justice through words.

12. How did you find themoreiloveyou?
I just searched cute couples, and this is the first thing that came up.



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