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1. Your Name: Christina
2. Your Partner's Name: Brandon
3. Your Age: 20
4. Their Age: 22

5. How long have you two been together: Well the first time we dated for a year and a half the second time we dated for a year and then decided to get married! Best Choice of my life I think!

6. How did you two meet: We met in highschool I was in 10th grade he was a senior, I was helping him with Biology.

7. Do you see yourself marrying this person: Yes already have in fact!

8. Tell us a romantic story: Ok one I wont forget is Valentines one year I came home from school and found a stuffed teddy bear holding a rose, and I found another purple rose sitting in my room waiting on me with this beautiful card where he had actually written out how much I ment to him! I thought that was my Valentines present but when he came over later that night to pick me up and go out to eat at our restaurant he had a dozen pink roses waiting on me when I opened the door. I don’t know about any of you but I’m a sucker for roses!

9. Tell us a funny story: Well… I guess I’d have to go with when he gave me my engagement ring! Usually this wouldn’t be a funny story I know and by the end of it I was crying so was half the people in the room but that’s besides the point! We were having one of our usual partys drinking, everyone over playing Halo or doing what ever. It was like half way through the night and we were all over the buzzed line if you get what I mean and Brandon had everyone come into the living room he wanted to say something. Welll like I said were all almost drunk and I thought everything was funny as hell really I did so I’m over there giggling and Brandon started off with “Well I wanted to go ahead and do this while we can all still remember it!” LOL Then he broke off into the mushy stuff and like I said we’ve all been drinking so every gurl in that room broke out into tears it was great I couldn’t have had a more unique way for him to propose to me!

10. What is your song: Oh that’s easy ‘God bless the broken road; Rascal Flats’

11. How does your significant other make you feel: He makes me feel loved, complete, and just happy!

12. How did you find themoreiloveyou?: I was searching for a couples community to join and came across this one read the profile and felt it was the place for me!

One of my favorite Wedding pics of us!

This is us Christmas 2004

If you need more pics let me know I have tons!

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