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Hey all! Wonder if any of you actually remember me hehe. Well...I actually came here looking for advice. Recently my old boyfriend (Fred) and I have been talking and he wants to get back with me. The problem I am having though is that he hasn't improved much since the breakup and on top of that there is a new guy in my life. He hasn't officially asked me to be his girlfriend (and after the drama I had with Fred I'm not sure I'd like a boyfriend at this point anyways) but we have gone on a few dates and we've kissed. I like this guy, but sometimes I feel like he's a little self righteous. On the other side however, I like Fred, but he's not righteous enough (if that is a good word to describe that). On the other hand I don't really know this new guy (Robert) well enough yet to actually know if he is just too self righteous or maybe he's just trying very hard to impress me (which could easily be the case since that is how I am being around him too). Anyways...basically I need some advice. Should I keep letting Fred think that we have a chance with eachother? There may be some chance, but it would also be very easy for me to just give up on him. Should I tell Robert about Fred? Do you think that Robert is actually the way he seems or maybe he's putting up a good face to impress me? (When I say self righteous...I mean that he asked me tonight if I wanted to read the Bible with him...things like that...but he may be trying to impress me...we met at a Bible Study). Anyways...sorry this was long and winded and boring. Appreciate feedback :D thanks guys!
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