M$.L!Z (sosurprizing) wrote in themoreiloveyou,

1. Your Name: Liz
2. Your Partner's Name: Daniel
3. Your Age: 19
4. Their Age: 20

5. How long have you two been together: we've been engaged a month today :]
6. How did you two meet: sad to say, but myspace. but, my friends new his best friend, so ya.
7. Do you see yourself marrying this person: sure do.
8. Tell us a romantic story:
its not exactly "romantic" but incredibly sweet.

When I lived in my second house, when I was two until I was seven, we were very poor. All of my things came from flea markets and yard sales. Our coffee table was a giant wire spool. We had no water.
That's what bothers me the most, that we didn't have water. And I didn't realize it until this past summer when someone brought up a water jug, the one with the pull dispenser up to the counter, and all of a sudden, that flashed back to me. I never realized how poor we were, that that jug was our "running water", that was my bath water. I stood in a plastic tub, and that was my water. We couldn't flush our toilets traditionally, so we would dump a bucket of water in it to flush it every now and then.

I never, ever told anyone about that, and I told Dan one day.
and this is what he told me...

"I want to give you nice things. I'm going to get you a nice house with everything you want in it, and with running water. I promise."

and I just thought it was just adorable. he could hear the heartache in my voice and it meant so much to me he said that. He's said other things like that before (("i will try and give you everything you want, i will, ill do everything in my power to make your dreams come true"))

but just..idk, the running water part, it just means a lot. because i know how much he really wants to take care of me.

9. Tell us a funny story: I went to the ER [[panic attacks]] where my mother got conformation that yeah, we have been having sex, and after my mom took me and dan to friendlys dan offered my mom the cherry off his sundae and she was like "well you already took one"

10. What is your song: "We Dont Have To Look Back Now" Puddle Of Mudd

11. How does your significant other make you feel: like i am taken care of, and like im the most amazing, beautiful person in the world. he makes me feel happy even when i didnt think i could be, and he makes me feel complete :]

12. How did you find themoreiloveyou? i go through my friends' friends pages and look for communities.


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when you've found somebody you know who will take care of you like that, it's amazing. :]