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I do it for love....

Your Name: Jennifer (though I like "Jenniphyr" better; I'm a "weird name" person...)
Your Partner's Name: Camden
Your Age: 18 (though I teasingly call myself 16 years, 24 months old)
Their Age: 17 (he'll be 18 on Halloween)


How long have you two been together: One year, two months, and 19 days. Not that I'm counting, or anything.... (Hah! As if! We celebrated "weekly" anniversaries for the first month, then monthly after that, but now we are limited to yearly. Le sigh. Also, surprisingly, I implemented this rule, not him. And only because continuing to officially celebrate the months after a year sounded just the slightest bit silly.)

How did you two meet: He sat across from me in my AP Biology class last year (my grade eleven/junior year), and it just...developed from there. We were good friends for a while, and though I was still staunchly protective of my single status (I'd never dated, and was firmly set that I wasn't going to do so until I was finished university), it was a step for me to be friends with him (I haven't had male friends since grade school). Then, in February, after both of us having nursed crushes for some time, I announced my crush on him at lunch (in the middle of our group of friends, calling him "oblivious!Cam"), and my friend demanded whether I should stock up on "lost love" songs, or whether he was going to take me out to a movie that night. He chose the movie route, and we've been together ever since.

Do you see yourself marrying this person: I've seen us as being together forever for a long time. I've been wearing a "promise ring" for almost a year now, and he's made one down payment on an engagement ring.

Tell us a romantic story: Maybe it doesn't sound like much...and it's not really a story, but...when we had first started going out, his dad was driving me home from Cam's house (Cam always comes along on these rides), and we were holding hands. And I remember that I'd look up into his eyes, and the LOOK I'd see there -- the pure love -- just overwhelmed me so much and all I could do was blush and glance down, only to chance a glance up again to check, to make sure, that it was really me he was looking at; and to give him back a look of love of my own.

Tell us a funny story: When I didn't get Easter chocolate last year because of my sister's low-fat diet, and so Cam (who doesn't celebrate Easter) bought me TONNES of chocolate. (Yeah. Umm...a lot of our "funny stories" involve inside jokes that don't sound quite so funny when I write them down. Hmm.)

What is your song: 'Chasing Cars' by Snow Patrol. (We do have many others which embody the spirit of our relationship, but this is the very first song that struck me as symbolic of "Us", which is why I'm stuck with it for over a year now as our major theme song.)

How does your significant other make you feel: Sometimes I'll just be standing somewhere, doing nothing or something -- it really doesn't matter -- and I'll get this stupid, face-cracking, eye-sparkling, uncontrollable giddy grin on my face because a thought of him invaded my mind. His procrastination and single-mindedness (focused on me, infuriatingly enough) madden me, but they're also some of his best traits sometimes. He makes me feel safe, and calm, and happy, and loved, and WORTH something. And I've gotta say: it's the best feeling in the world.


How did you find themoreiloveyou? Ah, interest searches are wonderful things, aren't they...?
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